Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Paul Curtman Federal Legislators Limited by Constitution Enumerated Powers

Update: Curtman will be interviewed again on Fox 'n Friends before 9 am EST. Don't miss.

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Interviewed on Fox 'n Friends, oh too briefly, Paul Curtman (the former Marine who spoke at Claire McCaskill's town hall meeting ) said the U.S. Constitution provides only 17 specific duties of the federal government and nowhere in it is mentioned "to take over healthcare..." (the public option demanded by such as former Governor Howard Dean).

After a question concerning the bulk of the legislation hasn't even been read by Congress, Curtman further suggested instead of reading those 1,000 pages legislators should be required to read the Constitution aloud on air publicly, maybe on the program, for all to watch. The oath of office as well, he said, should be taken publicly...

Curtman also highlighted the position the Constitution rests on the idea rights are God-given. ...if the government through the legislators can give rights then government can take away rights... he said.

What Curtman said speaking at McCaskill's town hall meeting:

...we have something in common we both at one time took an oath to the Constitution... her oath took her to Washington mine took me overseas with a rifle... in my Constitution that I took an oath to I know that all powers of leg branch of government are confined in Article 1 Section 8 and less than 20 enumerated powers, nowhere in there is healthcare mentioned which is health control... has no business other than to fight against it... mentioned this before to other politicians they take the Constitution and turn it into some kind of huge elastic document that they wrap around everything... if you read the Constitution... the general welfare clause... Founding Fathers ... Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, who father the Constituion, and Benjamin Franklin... every one of them said the general welfare clause only is to be used within the confines of enumerated powers of Article 1 Section 8... not looking for an explanation from Sen. McCaskill, but an apology... this nightmare...

(NTTO unofficial transcript from videos)

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