Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lou Dobbs Obama Birth Settle Noise

Dobbs clarifies: he's presented what others have questioned, has said all along in his opinion, the President of the USA, Barack Obama is a citizen of the United States... Dobbs says further it would be simple to make all this noise go away if the President would simply show his long form birth certificate...

See Dobbs tonight

Meanwhile, at the end of his program, Bill O'Reilly said Lou Dobbs would be a guest on the Factor, Wednesday.

Bill O'Reilly Slams "Birther" Story But Defends Lou Dobbs's Free-Speech Rights (VIDEO)
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Right Wing US conspiracists question Obama's birth certificate
On the fringes of the American right, a growing conspiracy claims that Barack Obama is hiding a Kenyan birth certificate, making him ineligible to serve as president.



Is the signature on this letter re-published by WND, authentic to President Barack Obama?


Politico July 28, 2009 Birthers back Hawaii-Obama resolution and Discussion


Politifact investigation


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