Monday, July 27, 2009

Dr. Dean's Rx for USA Healthcare Doesn't answer who pays

On Morning Joe - again, thankfully, Joe Scarborough himself is absent, as we've noted before, when he could have asked the pointed and difficult questions during the Presidential campaign couple of year-long runs of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, he didn't - Howard Dean, former Presidential candidate himself, has a book to plug just in time for the health care debate... and he'll be hosting Countdown in the evening.

What does he say about the President's healthcare plan...

"Small business won't have to pay for the healthcare of employees any longer...!"

He left out hehaw...

And he left out who will pay for all yes all of the small business employees, and how the healthcare coverage for employees of small businesses would be paid. In other words, who would be taxed for the coverage of all small business employees?

He also left out explanation of how hospitals, private hospitals, would have to comply with a little known provision in the 1000 plus page healthcare bill.

A provision that mandates coverage for abortions...

But he didn't leave out mention of his book.

Yeah, hooray for Dean's book, blogger posts review

Dean's Book

And he didn't clarify what he means when he says individuals can opt into the government plan of health care, or not.

More on what Dean has said and it's been recorded...

Video of speech, introduced on blog with glowing support

Dean told Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman last week that Obama’s public option plan is best thought of as Medicare or single payer.

“For the average American, they should best think of it as Medicare,” Dean said.

According to Dean, under the Obama plan, the American people will have a choice to opt into a single payer system.

“Look, you decide for yourself,” Dean said. “We’re going to allow people under sixty-five to sign up for what people over sixty-five have. And you make the choice.”


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