Friday, October 29, 2010

Isn't Election Tampering in Play if Clinton Urged Meek Drop Out

Fox reporting for the second day that former President Clinton asked/encouraged Senate candidate Kendrick Meek to drop out of the race to prevent Marco Rubio the Republican candidate from winning...

As for Meek, according to yahoonews Bill Clinton urged Meek to quit the Florida Senate race he's challenging Politico Ben Smith's reportage on the circumstances as presented in the piece, Bill Clinton pushed Kendrick Meek to quit Florida race

Meek further alleges involvement of Governor Charlie Crist who switched party affiliation from Republican to Independent to make his bid for the Senate seat.

"President Clinton did not ask me to drop out of the race," Meek told reporters. "Nobody has called and said, 'You need to drop out of the race.'" Instead, he blamed Crist for starting the rumors, telling reporters that the Florida governor is trying to run him out of the race—an allegation that Crist did not dispute.

On Friday, Meek did a tour of national morning shows, doubling down on his argument that it was Crist, not Clinton, who tried to push him out of the race. "Gov. Crist talked to me about getting out of the race," Meek told CNN's American Morning. "I recommended to the governor that he should consider getting out of the race."

In an interview with Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos, Meek insisted that Clinton "didn't encourage" him to quit the race. "I'll tell you this George, I never told President Clinton or any of his staffers…or Charlie Crist or anyone else that I was going to get out of the race," Meek said, again contradicting the Clinton camp."I guarantee you that I did not say I am getting out of the race."

Which is it?

In the real world, it wouldn't matter who made the attempt to have a candidate drop out. The attempt would be illegal and criminal under election law as the outcome of an election is at stake. It's a big, big no-no in the real world to encourage a candidate to drop out of an election for any reason, and if anything of any value such as a new boat, a trip, etc. is offered, that is nothing less than an election bribe.

We take issue with Politico's Smith as well with this ditty:

Clinton did not dangle a job in front of Meek, who gave up a safe House seat to run for the Senate, but instead made the case that the move would advance the congressman’s future prospects, said a third Democrat familiar with the conversations.

Read more:

How does Smith know for certain Clinton didn't dangle 'something of value' to Meek. Isn't such implied with Smith's wording:

"... made the case that the move would advance the congressman's future prospects..."

did anyone inquire the meaning of "future prospects?"

Doesn't look like there is much interest to get to the real heart of this.

Sadly, though Fox News is again highlighting a situation which adds to the observable irregularities already occuring in the 2010 Mid-term elections, Fox News is not pursuing a full investigation of exactly what happened between Meek, Clinton, and Governor Crist.

Fox needs to find out precisely who made the request of Meek to drop out - who knew of the plea and determine if indeed, as we aver, an election was tampered with even though Meek did not drop out.

And the federal Dept. of Justice needs to pursue prosecution of tampering with an election even if prosecution is of the former President of the United States, Bill Clinton.

If it is also true the White House and current President Barack Obama were apprised of the effort to have a candidate drop out at the urging of a former President and knowledge of a state Governor, prosecution should ensue there as well.

Course, that's in the really real world. Which we don't appear to be in when it comes to elections in the United States of America.

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