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Fox News Eric Shawn Needs Prod Investigate Vote Fraud

Apparently, only the Fox News network has spots nearly every hour on the hour highlighting voter fraud allegations around the country.

During one segment, Bucks County Pennsylvania was noted for a bulk of hundreds of suspicious absentee voter applications being set aside as rejected.

The news during the spot was a mere one-liner, citing the Bucks County situation as one among a handful of other situations occurring in early voting in other states.

Eric Shawn reported similarly as is contained in his blog:

Absentee Voter Fraud Allegations Again?
Eric Shawn October 27, 2010

...In Pennsylvania, in the Eighth Congressional District of Bucks County, authorities tell us more than 500 absentee ballot applications are allegedly fraudulent.

Voters in sworn statements say someone made up excuses for why they needed absentee ballots, and they claim they never signed for them. Some, they say, include fabricated excuses for why they supposedly needed absentee ballots, such as citing "travel," when the voter had no plans to go anywhere

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But the Bucks County fraud needs further spotlight on it because right in one Pennsylvania report on what happened is this gem:

Pa. county tosses over 600 absentee applications
Election officials in a southeastern Pennsylvania county have rejected several hundred absentee ballot applications because of mismatching signatures and other problems.

"Mismatching signatures."

Let us say this, if there are mismatching signatures there in Bucks County, there are mismatching signatures in every county in Pennsylvania.

In some cases there is no signature in the district poll book to compare. We wonder what is done in the case or rather in all cases wherein a voter shows up at the polls has an id for the name of the voter in the pollbook for the precinct but the pollbook does not contain a signature to match?

We wonder, but does Fox News wonder - does Eric Shawn wonder - what could possibly be going on since one of the reasons election officials rejected the absentee ballot applications was mismatching signatures.

But there is obviously more, according to a report...

Number of rejected absentee ballot applications up in Bucks
Tuesday, October 26th, 2010
With just a week to go until the Nov. 2 election, Bucks County voting officials say they've rejected more applications for absentee ballots than in past years.

Deena Dean, director of the Board of Elections and Voter Registration for Bucks County, said of the just over 11,000 absentee ballot applications that have come in, more than 600 have been rejected.

"There's various reasons that they're being rejected. Some of them include that the signature does not match, birth date does not match, they've failed to complete the application, possibly sign it," said Dean. "There's many different variations of reasons."

"birth date does not match"

So the birth date on an application for an absentee ballot does not match that of the name listed on the voter registry book supposed to be maintained by the county (with help from the state database of voters known with the acronym SURE)

Fox, Eric Shawn, where is your inquisitivesness here?

We find it too bad really too bad the Fox News network does not itself hire a string of people to fan out in each of the suspected cases of fraud and actually begin a full investigation which would be independent of what the state or local governments might conduct.

Odds are state/local governments won't do squat before the actual date scheduled for the election at the "polling place."

In our opinion situations like what happened in Bucks County are merely the tip of the iceberg so to speak.

Ineligible voters, missing signatures in county registry books, names of deceased, that and more could be swept out of sight because there is no full review of all names on local voter registries across the state.

Every so often we do hear of names of deceased, for instance, being used to sign nomination petititons, yet even those are very rarely caught unless a political opponent deems it advantageous to formally challenge nomination petititions.

Pennsylvania needs an overhaul of its state database as well, but that will simply not happen because nobody from the outside looking in - like the Fox News Network - Eric Shawn - is willing to conduct an in-depth investigation of how the database could indeed contain names of voters who are ineligible to vote in the state of Pennsylvania. Or anywhere else for that matter.

Come on over here, Fox News and Eric Shawn. You've highlighted voter fraud allegations in our neck of the woods, Bucks County, go from there to the heart of voter fraud contained in the local voter registries of our state.

Even one, just one, ineligible name on the voter rolls for a precinct is clearly an invitation for fraud.

Let's end that this next year with Eric Shawn leading the investigation.

We will volunteer our time.

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