Friday, September 11, 2009

Wecht: Dump columnist
Buzz up!Thursday, September 10, 2009

There are many erudite, highly respected writers who espouse a strong, politically conservative philosophy in an intelligent, objective and well-reasoned fashion. Presumably, a solid newspaper such as the Trib can have a pick of such journalists.

What possible justification can there be for publishing a virulent crypto-fascist like Pat Buchanan ("Did Hitler want war?", Sept. 2 and William F. Buckley, the revered godfather of conservative political philosophy, expressed his opinion that Buchanan is an anti-Semite.

Just think of the tens of thousands of young American men and women, as well as the millions of people elsewhere in the world, whose deaths were directly caused by Adolf Hitler, undoubtedly the most sadistic, vicious, brutal totalitarian dictator of all times. What shameful impact do Buchanan's words have on their families?

And very importantly, for our children and grandchildren born after World War II to read that Hitler did not really want to go to war, did not intend to exterminate every Jew in Europe, did not intend to enslave much of the civilized world, was simply attempting to negotiate some reasonable territorial claims for Germany -- these are the most intellectually ludicrous, ethically disgusting and morally reprehensible arguments that any decent person has ever dared to promulgate. Indeed, in some countries that suffered great harm during the Nazi invasion and occupation, Buchanan might well be prosecuted for expressing such incredible thoughts.

This blatant attempt to revise history must be strongly condemned and actively rejected.

Please reach out for a top-flight conservative journalist to replace Pat Buchanan as one of your syndicated columnists. The Trib, as the unofficial and responsible voice of political conservatism in our community, owes this to its readers, including Democrats like me!

Cyril H. Wecht

Squirrel Hill

The writer is the former Allegheny County coroner

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