Saturday, September 26, 2009

State Health Care Example: Rationing, Increase Taxes

Better to look at state examples to determine how health care overhaul would work on national scale.

Gary thechartman Smith... look to Massachusetts, the citizens don't like it now. There's rationing, increase in taxes...

On Fox News Saturday with a couple other similar-minded guests, with the exception of Lamont Hill... who continued to promote the concept the federal government not only can fix the broken health care system but does it best.

The other guests tried to get through the reality the federal government has failed with the Postal System, etc. but nobody brought out the fact unfortunately the Congress actually raided the Social Security Trust Fund which Hill cited as one of the government programs that "works."

And Hill didn't mention the Medicare system (also used in examples of how the federal government fixes and works) is close to bankrupt.

Hill also began to comment on how the government option desired would be the only way to obtain "competition..."

but as soon as he mentioned how the new system would be paid for by eliminating the fraud, waste and abuse in the Medicare system, and by increasing taxes on the wealthiest 1 percent and 5 percent of taxpayers, the guffaws drowned out his proffer the public option would provide competition...

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