Friday, June 05, 2009

Warning Post at Philly Blog

Thank you Philly Blog for your post about Glenn Beck and Judge Napolitano pushing for a second federal Constitutional Convention. We're steaming over here after following Judge Napolitano's misguided proposition, and we're tracking the Wayne Allyn Root radio program upcoming June 6th wherein Napolitano is going to be a guest.

We don't know yet how Root feels about a second Con-Con, but we're tracking.

Years back we researched the issue of the dangers of a second federal Constitutional Convention and posted info on our site Dare Inquire Representatives Truth.

also see our sidebar and conduct a search of our site for posts about a federal Con-Con...

As we're hot on highlighting what Napolitano is saying as a sit-in for the absent Glenn Beck Friday - tonight - June 5 - and what he might say on Wayne Allyn Root's upcoming radio program, we've little time to formulate more of our thoughts, and you've said it all so well, why duplicate...


Net the Truth Online

Note the part about Madison's warnings of a second federal Constitutional Convention... Guess Glenn Beck didn't read that either.

Net the Truth Online

OK 6 PM Napolitano didn't repeat his proposal for states to submit the same Constitutional Amendment/s and call for a second Constitutional Convention when he had an entire hour on the Glenn Beck program to do so. Why not?

And we had time to ponder over Beck's denial Napolitano even wants a Con-Con. Maybe he'll actually read what Napolitano wrote and after his tour is over he'll find our site and come out and address his oversight and negligence.

Net the Truth Online

Philly Blog

Phyllis Schlafly is tops don't miss her May article on the dangers of a Con-Con

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