Sunday, June 07, 2009

Ron Paul: Uprising, Revolt, Nobody Will Pay Taxes Anymore

Interesting discussion on Freedom Watch Program, still, beware Judge Napolitano's call for a second federal Constitutional Convention. Odd the Judge didn't bring up the issue during his discussion with Ron Paul...


Judge Napolitano: I think Shelly has a question for you from one of the good folks that has been watching and listening.

Shelly Roche: Yes. Congressman Paul. This is from Betsy Ross and she would like to know…

Judge Napolitano: Is that really her name?

Shelly Roche: That’s her screen name.

Judge Napolitano: Great name.

Ron Paul: Hi, Betsy.

Shelly Roche: I know. It’s appropriate for today. She would like to know about the questionable constitutionality of the 16th and 17th Amendments.

Judge Napolitano: Oh, you want to weigh in on that, Ron.

Ron Paul: Well, I can rather quickly because I discuss it a lot. I think it was improperly ratified, the 16th. But it really doesn’t matter. I think it’s good to debate it and expose it. But we’ll get rid of the IRS and the 16th Amendment by repeal or [maybe] people are finally going to get fed up, and there will be a tax revolt and so much chaos and violence in our streets, so nobody [will pay taxes anyway].

But on the 17th, I never think of the 17th as being illegally ratified. There may be an argument there that I’m not aware of, but the whole thing is I don’t like the 17th, and that’s the one that allows the senators to be elected by popular vote rather than representing the states. That was the symbol or the essence of the states being independent and sovereign, that the legislatures elected the senators and sent them to us. If we did it that way, we would certainly eliminate all these buying and selling of senators like they have in the Illinois.

Judge Napolitano: In Illinois.

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