Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Schumer: Tiny little porky amendments, Americans don't care

New York Senator Charles Schumer tags stimulus pork 'tiny, little' porky amendments - negligible. And the American people, he further states, don't care.

Right Senator. Actually, Schumer is right. The American people don't care who has to pay back the borrowed money that's added more than two or three trillion to the already bloated deficit spending! As long as it isn't them. That's why it's deficit spending. Future taxpayers will be paying back on interest on the debt and the debt itself. Our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren.

It's sad, but true. If government only spent only on what it was constitutionally obligated to do there would be no deficit spending as originally intended by our Founding Fathers. But Schumer and our entire Congress are complicit in an unconstitutional spending run around the Constitution's expressed limitations on the federal government.

People are mesmerized when announcements are made their area is about to receive several hundred thousand of money - if we don't get it, somebody else will.

Trouble is, the federal government has no money. It takes in only so much in revenue but over-spends and must print and'or borrow from foreign entities.

It's sick, but the American public aren't up to taking the cure.

Harry Browne explained best in his book: Why Government Doesn't Work.

Sen. Schumer: Americans Don't Care About 'Porky' Amendments

Harry Browne's Why Government Doesn't Work

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