Thursday, February 26, 2009

Debt Chart by Glenn Beck

Contrary to Beck's Road to socialism/communism watch, we're already far past those realities and into enslavement justified as government 'help' whether it be a financial crisis and social welfare system or any variation of. The enslavement didn't start with Barack Obama, but will continue under his and every other presidency until the taxpayers of the USA revolt. It's doubtful that will happen in our lifetimes.

What turned me off Beck was his support of Sarah Palin after her appearance on a few occasions wherein she simply did not know the Constitutional duty of the Vice President. Had this been a Democrat, Beck would've been all over them for their ineptness and lack of knowledge.

He supported the insupportable, and that can only be met with skepticism.

His debt chart is usable, but when he goes off and does not substantiate his other comments about fascism, etc. he puts that in doubt as well.

Net the Truth Online

Glenn Beck's Debt Chart video

Beck comments during Fox interview tagged coocoo... we'd have to agree.

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