Friday, September 26, 2008

Bailout by Political Parties Should Be Thwarted with Write In Names

Antics by both majority political parties on the bailout proves both are mints of the same coin, just different sides.

As the coin flips in the air right before the eyes of a mesmerized public, the illusionary cover used by both since the creation of the Federal Reserve some 85 years ago remains in place undisturbed.

The U.S. taxpayers fall for the act time and time again.

think the Republican conservative base in Congress has stopped the act with questions about the $700 billion. Nope. They delayed for a short time to benefit John McCain, but they have always been supportive of some sort of "bailout" of whoever, apparently somehow someway, Wall Street.

Both parties are accepting of using monies the taxpayers can't supply but will have to eventually pay after the monies are "borrowed." From whom will we be borrowing? Foreign countries. Who will get the interest on the borrowing? Nobody knows for sure.

the system is the downfall of a United States of America once envisioned by our founding fathers and framers of the United States Constitution so long ago as pretty much debt free - pay as you go.

If any part of a bailout goes through, no matter the provisions, despite the so-called safeguards, we citizens of the United States will have been the fools a Congress and a President, current or future, know we are.

And they will all be at the helm ready to fool us again and again and again.

It's time for the fools of the USA to turn into ghouls by Monday and scare these legislators into doing our will, or we will rise up on Election Day and we will vote, but we will write in names, or leave blanks, causing the entirety of the nation's election process to come at a standstill.

Not one vote should be received by any candidate in the House of Representatives, in the Senate up for reelection and not one vote to Senator John McCain or Senator Barack Obama should a bailout plan go through.

well there will be one or two their own and their spouses and voting-aged family.

But what if the day after the election all they all got was a few hundred votes if that. something wrong with the voting machines? Paper ballots eaten up by optical scanners?

Meanwhile did everybody catch neither candidate fully answered the opening question in the great debate put to them by Jim Lehrer about the fincancial crisis and a plan - what do they support?

Pretty much they said the same thing... protect the taxpayers...

same coin... they're laughing the minute they get back on the "plane."

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