Thursday, August 14, 2008

Morganelli Doesn't Dispute Ron Klink PA Constitutional Convention Way to Changes

Ron Klink, hosting for Marty Griffin on Pittsburgh News Radio 1020 talk program, The Real Deal with Marty Griffin - Ron Klink talks to John Morganelli-Part 2 Jul 23, 2008
Ron Klink and District Attorney John Morganelli talks "Bonus Gate" and comments on the actions of Attorney General Tom Corbett

at 6:11 Ron Klink: Dems could clearly take charge here... don't know if you got this or not John Morganelli at least four state Democratic reps calling for H. William DeWeese to step down... courage to do that and could also want a PA Constitutional Convention... we're going to talk about making all these changes talk about lowering the size of the state legislature... change the way we do business...,channel&channel=99&bc=90,99&filter=1

Other than responding he is aware of the reps calling for DeWeese's step down from leadership, Morganelli is absolutely silent on Klink's portrayal that a PA Constitutional Convention is a way to make all of these changes and a way to "talk about" lowering the size of the state legislature.

Not one peep from Morganelli. Total silence.

Has Morganelli read the PA Constitution's Declaration of Rights Section 2? Is he aware that section could be used not only to convene a convention, but could be used to alter OR ABOLISH state government?

Contrary to what Klink says - a Con-Con is a way to make all of these changes, the state legislators have every opportunity and power to make all of these changes in session, regular session, of the General Assembly by legislation and/or individual or a series of amendments to the PA Constitution, without need of calling a PA Constitutional Convention.

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