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Army Lt. Col. Russell As Mis-Representative a Newcomer as Veteran Murtha

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A challenger to incumbent U.S. Representative John Murtha made a campaign stop and guested on a local radio program August 1, 2008.

Army Lt. Col. William Russell was interviewed on WMBS 590's Let's Talk by Bob Foltz. The session was paid for by the candidate and lasted about one hour.

Foltz begins with a comment regarding Rep. John Murtha... he has said publicly he has not forgiven Congressman Murtha and has nothing but disdain for him regarding his comments about our Marines in Iraq, calling them cold-blooded murderers...

After some niceties, and a rundown of some local scheduled appearances, during the beginning of the program, Russell makes some remarks about the role of the United States government and the economy

Bill Russell ...set perameters for security and protection... provide infrastructure... it is a path of destruction when government sets out to create jobs... interferes with the natural economy...

Russell addresses ANWR... supports drilling there... refusing allowing us to use our own resources hurts the local economy and the people struggling there... it would make such a difference...

Russell says he was among those in the Pentagon on September 11, 2001... son youngest survivor... wife also there that day... ...he knows and understands the costs... the price that was paid numerous times, but especially Sept. 11... less than 50 meters from office he was in... as soldiers in Iraq... we know and understand the price we have to pay... the American sheep dog... protection... much rather take on the enemy over there rather than over here... this is always a challenge... best when we can establish the initiative... take on the enemy over there rather than over here...

talked about illegal immigration... get the wall done... what is our national identity... a large piece is the language we speak... the language we speak drives how we think... words such as liberty and freedom that have a specific meaning to us... supports making English the official language of United States... the language of liberty... foreign language locks our youth into a certain status...

Callers to the program made comments and asked some questions.

The second caller, identifying himself as Iceman, mentioned the recent reports of electrocutions of our United States servicemen, in Iraq.

See a selection of articles that had been making the rounds prior to or at the time of Russell's appearance on the radio program.

Russell made remarks which caused a few more calls about the situation of how the electrocutions were able to occur and who is ultimately responsible and should be held accountable.

Here's an unofficial transcript of the segment.

Caller ... thanks Russell for his service to his country... for his sacrifice... asks about reports about servicemen and women being electrocuted in Iraq while taking showers... KBR, a military contractor... what saddens him government stooping to new low... uncovered, according to documents, some personnel in Defense department, Congress and members of United States House and Senate actually knew about the electrocutions but were dragging feet... military people being electrocuted... bad enough being bombed and shot at... we have our own government dragging its feet and almost like a conspiracy covering it up... hot water tanks put in were shipped from China and not allowed in U.S. didn't meet our specifications... defects... how could anyone let them install a defective product...but it's OK over there... how could anyone permit this... as low as you can get...

Russell... an issue he dealt with in his job in Iraq... Division Force Protection Officer a security and safety detection officer... there is no conspiracy when you set up entire new cities in a system broken infrastructure... there are inherent dangers... one electrocution when the serviceman was going by lamp post... some in abolition units electrocuted from shower and toilet units ... when moved... these get jerry rigged... in two cases he remembers, one in shower... not properly grounded... soldiers had actually jerry rigged or contractor may have been iraqi or foreign nationals had not properly bolted or not installed according to code... when have a choice not having a shower at all... they will take the shower...

some subcontractors bring a lot of skills...

Debbie Rhodes (guest with Russell) says Russell decorated for his service on security and safety in Iraq...

Third caller ...has comment and question... status quo a lot of what you're speaking of... Murtha failed American people, not supporting but we need someone who does not support the status quo... other caller why water heaters allowed in Iraq, but not in America... illegal immigration... we need someone to stand up and stop the status quo... how are you going to be different...

Russell... slams the continuation of earmarks, undermining our troops, hidden expenditures... change is about setting people free economically and not being disturbed by these earmarks... wants small companies to thrive and do so on basis of the market... winning war on terror must use every tool at our disposal... supporting the current strategy... as outlined General Petraes...

not calling our soldiers cold-blooded murderers...

when heard Murtha's remarks... and the injuries of our men and women... couldn't let Murtha's comments stand unchallenged...

Foltz ... as a former Marine take offense at that... doesn't understand how Murtha could say such and calls himself a Marine...

End unofficial transcript and excerpts

Russell Brigade

russellbrigade.com noted as official website

(unofficial transcript by Net the Truth Online of WMBS 590 LET'S TALK AUGUST 1, 2008 from CD recording noted as Paid Political Announcement William Russell)

Bill Russell needs to be asked point blank whether he is comfortable with no-bid contracts for plumbing work, electrical work, installment of hot water heaters, or any other work, etc. in Iraq, and whether the code regulations and any other government regs which U.S. companies conducting such work in the United States must follow should also be "immediately" employed in any other country, particularly one or more where there is continued "discontent" with America.

It was shocking Russell appeared to make an excuse for the inexcusable potential for electrocutions based on inadequate or even lack of proper government rules and regulations of the Pentagon of these United States of America.

Note: We made postings about Rep. Murtha's comments about U.S. troops in Haditha being cold blooded murderers.

His comments should be rejected and evidence of his actual MIS-Representation of all of his constituents.

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Should John Murtha and the media prove wrong, they should suffer consequences. The situation is that Iraqi witnesses in Haditha have accused Marines of killing innocent civilians. Haditha is a stronghold of so-called Insurgents, and one group has been deemed terroristic. What do you think poor and fearful Iraqis are going to say? Are they going to say, by the way, the terrorists have put the fear of death in us, holding guns and bombs to our heads, so we better not tell you what happened here that makes the U.S. Marines look like heroes.

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Contractor Cleared In Iraq Electrocution
An interim Defense Department report has found no evidence KBR was involved in the death of at least one U.S. soldier electrocuted in Iraq. The inspector general's report said while electrical systems in Iraq were known to 'pose a hazard to personnel,' there is no evidence Houston-based KBR Inc. was aware of any life-threatening hazards at the Army barracks where Sgt. Ryan Maseth died. Maseth, an Army Ranger and Green Beret from Pittsburgh, was electrocuted in January while showering.


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Lawmakers Press KBR, DOD About Electrocution Deaths - ENR | McGraw-Hill Construction

Publication Date: 06-AUG-08
Author: 0271-52219

Members of Congress continue to pose tough questions for contractor KBR and Dept. of Defense officials about the deaths of soldiers in Iraq from faulty wiring at military facilities. At a heated July 30 hearing, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee members sought to determine responsibility for the Jan. 8 death of Army Sgt. Ryan Maseth. He was electrocuted while showering in a KBR-maintained facility. An ungrounded water pump was cited as the source of the incident.


By David M. Brown
Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Moments after Army Lt. Col. William Russell ended his 28-year military career, the Iraq war veteran revved up his Harley-Davidson and set out on an improbable journey.
In his first political outing, Russell is trying to topple a political giant.

The 45-year-old Republican this weekend kicked off his campaign against U.S. Rep. John Murtha, 76, of Johnstown, a powerful Democrat and decorated Vietnam War veteran seeking a 19th term.

"Murtha has a lot of issues on his hands, in terms of keeping his seat this November. There are chinks in the armor," contended Russell, who rode a motorcycle to greet supporters at a rally in Uniontown. The event at 12:01 a.m. Friday marked the start of Russell's civilian life and the end of military restrictions on his campaign.



MoveOnRussell.org said...
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MoveOnRussell.org said...

Before we have Russell answer policy questions he needs to first answer to the allegations contained in the FEC complaint filed against his campaign

Net the Truth Online said...

Thanks for the posting. We had done some research about out-of-state campaign contributions and will update accordingly. We disagree Russell should answer to allegations contained in the complaint, first, before answering "policy questions."

He should answer both as soon as possible.

The matter of the "electrocutions" of our servicemen and women, however, is not a simple "policy question."

His response as noted on WMBS 590 was indicative of "character."

As revealing of "character" as Rep. John Murtha's statement about the situation in Haditha, calling U.S. Marines "cold-blooded murderers" before having any of the confirmed facts.

In both cases, by their own words, Bill Russell and John Murtha have shown themselves for who they truly are.

The electorate of both major political parties should not just sit back and flip a coin.

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