Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Think We'd Have Won WW2 With Today's Media?

A caller believes not. So do many others. Media bias, media's coverage of anti-Iraq war rallies which always appear to feature messages only targeted at George W. Bush.

Where are the messages signs against Congress which authorized action against Iraq?

Congress voted in a resolution to permit Bush to take action if the president deemed that necessary for the security of the United States.

The United Nations with all of its resources, thousands of employees dedicated to finding out what was happening with Saddam Hussein's known at that time "weapons of mass destruction" - believed Saddam continued to possess such weapons - biological weapons of mass destruction.

The anti-Iraq war groups would have much more believability if they spread their criticisms equally.

Iraq and Weapons of Mass Destruction
National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 80
Updated - February 11, 2004

Edited by Jeffrey Richelson

Originally posted December 20, 2002
Previously updated February 26, 2003


Inspectors Find Decade-Old Iraqi Chemical Gas in U.N. Office

By Colum Lynch
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, August 31, 2007; Page A09

UNITED NATIONS, Aug. 30 -- U.N. weapons inspectors stumbled upon evidence of Saddam Hussein's elusive weapons of mass destruction: a vial of potentially lethal chemical gas that was stored in a U.N. shipping crate in Midtown Manhattan more than 10 years ago and forgotten, U.N. officials announced Thursday.

Experts from the U.N. Monitoring and Verification Commission -- which is set to shut down its operations in the coming months-- found a small sample of phosgene, a choking agent, as they prepared to archive more than 16 years of documents on Iraq's weapons program. They said the gas, which was left by the agency's predecessor, the U.N. Special Commission, is under seal and poses no threat to the public.


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