Sunday, June 03, 2007

Snake Bite Info Not a Political Metaphor

2-year-old suffers snake bite
By Josh Krysak, Herald-Standard
Updated 06/02/2007 12:06:04 AM EDT

...According to the state Fish and Boat Commission, there are 21 types of snakes in Pennsylvania with only three classified as venomous.

The venomous snakes include the northern copperhead, the eastern Massasaugha rattlesnake and the timber rattlesnake.

However, state officials said all three venomous snakes in the state attempt to avoid confrontation if possible.

State officials also said that poisonous snakes can be identified by three shared characteristics including small indentations on the sides of the head, vertical cat-like eyes and a single row of scales on the belly.

Non-venomous snakes do not share the traits.

According to the Penn State Poison Control Center located at the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, someone suffering from a venomous snake bite should remain calm, call poison control or 911 immediately and apply a light constricting band above the bite.

The center does not recommend applying ice or attempting to suction the wound and said the most important thing people suffering from a snakebite can do is contact emergency personnel immediately.

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