Thursday, June 21, 2007

PA Con-Con Limited Scope May Not Be Possible

In a recent article Evans wins a vote on constitution study By Mark Scolforo
Associated Press is this gem of a find. Appears to be attributed to Bruce Ledewitz

Pennsylvania constitutional conventions were held in 1776, 1789-90, 1837, 1872-73 and 1967-68.

Nothing in the state constitution addresses how to hold a convention. The legislature initiated the last four.

State voters rejected ballot measures calling for constitutional conventions in 1921, 1924, 1935, 1953 and 1963.

Limiting the scope of a convention may not be possible. Delegates ignored guidance in 1872-73 and changed the declaration of rights.

In 1967-68, delegates followed instructions to address only the judiciary, local government, reapportionment, and taxation and state finance. As directed, they did not address the topic of a graduated income tax...

SOURCE: Duquesne Law School professor Bruce Ledewitz, codirector of a Web site dedicated to the Pennsylvania Constitution:

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