Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Taxpayers Ferry Boat vs Clean Voter Registry

The ferryboat is on the agenda of county commissioners, again. Meanwhile, the county's voter datatabase was under partial scrutiny in March due to a challenge to nomination petitions. A judge noted on the final day of proceedings the county's database needed an update, but commissioners were strapped for funding.

Commissioners to vote on ferry maintenance
By: Amy Zalar, Herald-Standard
The Fayette County commissioners voted Tuesday to enter into an agreement with a Charleroi company to perform the five-year dry dock and inspection services for the Fredericktown Ferry.

Commissioners Vincent A. Vicites and Angela M. Zimmerlink voted to place on Thursday's agenda a motion to award the contract to Campbell Transportation Co. for a total cost of $57,000. Commissioner Joseph A. Hardy III was absent.

The cost of the contract will be split between Fayette and Washington counties, which share the cost to run the ferry across the Monongahela River. Paul Nixon, head of the bridge department, said he sent out 10 bid packets and received two in return. Nixon said the second bid was received from Ohio River Salvage of Cresson.
Last month, Nixon said the U.S. Coast Guard mandates that the work be performed every five years.

He said the ferry must be towed to the site where the service will be performed and then pulled out of the water, and any needed repairs are performed.
Nixon said five years ago the work was conducted in Elizabeth, and the total cost was about $15,000...

Zimmerlink also instructed Nixon to provide information to her about the last time the work was performed, when it was not put out to bid...

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