Monday, May 14, 2007

National Healthcare Plans In Democrats Presidential Candidates Blood

C-Span is discussing the issue: Pay More taxes for national health care?

They're asking a question, but candidates for the presidency of the United States aren't asking. They're already proposing plans, with the most recent mind game by Senator Hillary Clinton so timely around Mother's Day - for the children...

Obama: "The Time Has Come For Universal Health Care In America"
By Greg Sargent

Moms join Clinton to press for health insurance reform
By Holly Ramer, Associated Press Writer | May 11, 2007

EXETER, N.H. --Two days before Mother's Day, Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton appeared with a group of New Hampshire moms to highlight what she called the "inequities and absurdities" that prevent children from receiving quality health care...


Illinois Tax Implosion
May 14, 2007; Page A16


Of course, as long as the increase in taxes doesn't affect well, you, it's ok. Or if you don't actually see the increase because it is "disguised" that's ok.

What happens when government gets involved? Excellent books show how government intrusion doesn't work...

Code Blue

Harry Browne's pertinent work on the issue of "Governement" Health Care

Get government out of health care & costs will plummet
Browne agrees that providing health care is not a responsibility of the federal government. He says, “By getting government out of the healthcare industry, healthcare costs will plummet, innovation will increase, and more people will have access to the healthcare they need.” Browne would not support increasing taxes on alcohol and cigarettes to help defer costs of Medicare and Medicaid.

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