Monday, April 02, 2007

PA State Legislators Reward Appointees

Only they themselves think they are worth this kind of money. The Pennsylvania taxpayers don't believe they are worth this kind of money, yet, even so, as the elections of 2006 showed, statewide, there was not a huge and emphatic turnout of incumbents by an angered electorate. It wasn't as if there was not publicity after the 2005 payraise and unvouchered expense accounts the state legislators gave themselves. The people were well aware of the obscene action to increase salaries of legislators by in many cases some 60 percent.

Still, the voters didn't get off their duffs and go and vote out each and every incumbent. In fact, only three top leadership fell in the Primary, and one top leader in the Fall General Election. 30 state legislators simply retired, leaving the field open for challenge. When all was said and done - 55 newcomers arrived - in total.

And largely the system rests on just this sort of thing - back home - voters want the pork, voters want the government jobs they get locally and they keep putting in school board members who turn around and vote in family members and relatives and friends to well-paying and union protected jobs.

Wait until somebody does a similar listing of what school superintendents are paid in salary, benefits, retirement packages...

Likewise, state jobs are handed out to nice little party supporters...

What's needed to stop the insanity? Not a PA Constitutional convention. Rather, a breakup of government unions, and elimination of public schools run by bureaucrats to be replaced wholly by private management.

The $100,000 club
Monday, April 02, 2007

3,042. That's how many state employees earn more than $100,000 a year. Combined, they earn a total of $368 million.

In a continuing effort to tell you how your tax dollars are spent, staff writer Jan Murphy collected salaries from every state agency and compiled the list of those in the $100,000 club.

You pay the salaries. You may be surprised at some of them. It's up to you to decide if they're worth it...

'Gold-plated benefits' might be enticement to a career Monday, April 02, 2007BY JAN MURPHYOf The Patriot-News

Not too many people earn six figures, but the $100,000 club in state government isn't as exclusive as you might think.

A Patriot-News survey in March found that 3,042 people in state government are pulling in those kinds of salaries.

Topping the list of 106,875 state government employees is State System of Higher Education Chancellor Judy Hample, with a $327,718 salary.

Top 10 salary lists
Monday, April 02, 2007
Top 10 salaries in state government

1. Judy Hample, SSHE Chancellor: $327,718

2. Richard Willey, Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency president and CEO: $289,118

3. Tony Atwater, Indiana University of Pennsylvania president: $232,458

4. Peter Gilbert, State Employes' Retirement System chief investment officer: $229,380

5. Madeleine Adler, West Chester University president: $221,224

6. Brian Lecher, Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency executive vice president for information technology: $217,757

6. James Preston, Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency executive vice president for marketing & client services: $217,757

6. Timothy Guenther, Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency executive vice president & chief financial officer: $217,757

9. Angelo Armenti Jr., California University president: $202,312

10. Kelly Logan, Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency executive vice president for public service & marketing: $201,178

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