Saturday, June 24, 2006

What is wrong?

Yet again, another measure that does an end run around the PA Constitution's Article 8 Uniformity of Taxation clause. It all sounds good because the poor poorly performing schools are gonna get some of the pickings.

Meanwhile, tax credits nicely bypass:

Taxation of Corporations Section 6.The power to tax corporations and corporate property shall not be surrendered or suspended by any contract or grant to which the Commonwealth shall be a party.

Swann details his program for boosting education in Pa.
He would double the corporate tax credit and channel more money to poorly performing schools.
By Dan Hardy
Inquirer Staff Writer
Lynn Swann, the Republican gubernatorial candidate, yesterday laid out his education platform in the most detailed fashion so far, pledging to double funding for the state's Educational Improvement Tax Credit program and to earmark the additional money for low-achieving schools.

The popular program, which became law in 2001, allows companies to receive tax credits for most of their contributions to nonprofit Educational Improvement Organizations, scholarships and pre-kindergarten programs. Swann proposed increasing it from $49 million to $98 million.
Nearly 2,300 companies have given more than $200 million to the program, which funds scholarships to 30,000 children a year across Pennsylvania, according to state officials. Much of the money goes to religious and other private schools and their students.

The Educational Improvement Organizations that receive funds include both existing nonprofit educational groups and new ones set up specifically to funnel corporate contributions to school programs.

Swann described his education proposal in a speech at the Union League in Philadelphia and in a statement issued afterward.

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