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Swann Choice Stubborn Miscue?

Over at the swannblog news faces...

Just when it looked like Swann could do no disappointingly worse than choose former PA Governor Tom Ridge, who heralded in the unconstitutional tax giveaways for fortune 500 companies (Keystone Opportunity Zones) as honorary statewide campaign manager, whatever, Swann adds chief counsel for Jubilirer as a member of his team?

Around here, that isn't going to sit well with the voters who care what just happened in the May 16 Primary election. Though the Primary Election only saw some 20 percent voter turnout of registered voters, and although the Democrats didn't oust their incumbents (only 3) in large numbers, Republicans who ousted Senate Pro Tem Robert Jubilirer bigtime at the polls are hunkering down for more changes in Harrisburg's incumbents.

In November, even if they have to go with a Third-Party (some could vote Constitutional Party), or with Independent candidate, Russ Diamond, or mount a write-in campaign for Bill Scranton, who was ignored for that state Republican Committee chairmanship, Republicans will do so rather than support the 'Establishment" candidate they perceive Swann to be.

Think they were angered when Swann publicly established he endorsed Jubilirer prior to the Primary?

They're about to go ballistic now.

Swann is likely at 60 percent margin to push them way too far away from him by these kinds of selections.

New faces at Camp Swann
Team 88 has some new members, with Drew Crompton joining the Swann campaign and working out of Harrisburg as Deputy Campaign Manager for Policy and Randy Robinson working out of Philly as Deputy Campaign Manager for Outreach.

Crompton has worked for the outgoing Senate Pro Tem Bob Jubelirer’s office for the past dozen years as Jubelirer’s chief counsel, handling such key issues as medical malpractice, lobbyist disclosure, and, of course, property tax reform. He knows the ropes and he knows the issues, and he’ll give the campaign experience and gravitas.

Robinson, who created Philadelphia’s Robinson & Brown consulting in Philadelphia, worked most recently as the political director for Political Director for the Transport Workers Union Local 234 in Philly. He will work with Pennsylvania’s minority communities.

The additions look to be very solid and precisely in the areas on which the campaign needs to work. ..

Items of Interest

For news and commentary also see, Monday, June 05, 2006, Penn Patriot (referring to P-P though I strongly disagree with their unquestioning support of a general PA Constitutional Convention and they still support Rick Santorum who was among those who supported an unconstituional federal Terry Shiavo act)

If you want a reform message hire more campaign staffers and make sure they are Harrisburg insiders?

Minuteman: When GOP Insiders Attack ...And when Republican voters went to the polls on May 16 to oust 14 Republican legislators, including the two most powerful GOP leaders in the state Senate (Chip Brightbill and Robert Jubelirer), they were sending a clear message to the good-old-boy Republican network that voters are tired of business-as-usual in Harrisburg...

Why isn't P-P as outraged over similar actions of Rick Santorum - good-old-boy Republican network - he's a part of that in Washington, DCeit.

Surely, there's a Third-Party candidate Pennsylvania Republicans can vote for other than Santorum, and they can mount a write-in campaign for PA Senator in place of voting for Santorum.

What has Santorum done to show he's part of the good-old-boy Republican network?

First thing he did was support Arlen Specter for PA Senator over Pat Toomey.

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