Thursday, February 23, 2012

Charles Drevna: No Shortage of Fuel in the USA Ample Supply

What a service, and a disservice. Bill O'Reilly's Feb. 22, 2012 The Factor interview segment with Charles Drevna Round One was way too short for O'Reilly to extract clear details in response to his probing questions.

At the outset of the program, O'Reilly tackled the increase in gasoline prices in his Talking Points memo Oil prices reach critical mass.

He followed his monologue with an introductory setup on the issue and then a quick round of questions to the President of American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers.

O'Reilly pinpointed the concerns adequately and focused on capitalism and the concept of supply and demand.

Drevna looked a bit exasperated with O'Reilly, possibly because of O'Reilly's demeanor of shock at what he was hearing as an explanation from Drevna.

Drevna explained too briefly the impact the global market had on prices in the USA.

Need a do-over and a Round Two to Fifty. In fact, how about Bill O'Reilly grills this expert and industry spokesman for the next 50 days. Maybe by then, we will all clearly understand why prices at the gas pump and in the home (home heating/warm winter)are rising if there is plenty of supply of the product - fuel - produced right here in the USA.

Video at Fox

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