Monday, June 07, 2010

Senator Schumer: People Want Government That Gives

United States Senator Charles Schumer, though speaking of his Democrat-base, gave us the reality of the difference between the current two-Party majority political philosophies, and that of our Founding Framers.

The Framers of the United States Constitution not only wanted a limited federal government, they wanted all matters not placed specifically in the domain of the federal government to be delegated to the states or to "the people."

Schumer obviously has not managed to grasp the meaning of the 9th and 10th amendments to the Constitution.

During a segment on Joe Scarborough's Country program, and without a response at all from Scarborough (a Republican), Schumer said:

"...Given a choice between a government doing something... and no government... people will choose a government doing something..."

Schumer added something along the lines of and people expect something from government, when they don't get it, they demand it... they want their share of the government... he then went on to attempt to bring in the Great Gulf Oil Spill and how the people want more regulation... more regulation is what the people want, Schumer said, and the Democrats are the clear choice for that.

Recent bill proposed by Sen. Schumer

Scarborough, for his part, again, as we've observed any number of times, in no way rejected the notion people wanted a government that 'gives' them 'something' rather than stay out of the affairs of people for the most part. Only rarely should we see the federal government 'giving' and 'doing' much because the federal government's powers are few and limited.

Nope, not a word from Scarborough.

He didn't even challenge Schumer on how the people want more regulation.

The federal regulations concerning off-shore oil drilling were and are already in place. Regulatory agencies which oversee the implementation of the regs failed miserably in the case of the pre-disaster of the Big Oil Spill.

The transcript will be posted as soon as it becomes available.

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