Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Rudy: Privacy Must Stand Back to Ensure Safety

Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giulliani on Fox 'n Friends this morning answered what would he do about the attempted, but failed, car bombing - the aftermath?

He's knowledgeable about this in his security business. First what is needed are more cameras placed strategically which the technology is there for heat seeking. He understands the concerns about privacy. But privacy issues must stand back to ensure safety.

Nobody asked him about the historical quote:

those who give up liberty... ah what was that now... those who give up freedom and liberty... ah what did we learn in school way back when we were taught all about our nation's founding and the United States Constitution, unlike today, Rudy. What did we learn by actually having to read the founding documents about giving up something what was it, what... freedom, liberty...

Nope, not a peep from Pouter, Hellison, and Bruin. Oh those aren't their names. How forgetful.

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