Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gov. Rendell Open Hype at Fox 'n Friends

Fair and balanced Fox 'n Friends wasn't so much this morning during an interview of PA Governor Ed Rendell. Rendell touted the public education of the Commonwealth's students as an achievement the state legislators of both parties should be proud and highlighted his recent negation of a Senate Republican bill which would have "cut" funding "for education."

Steve Doocey took it all in without one probing question.

Rendell was permitted to slide by without being asked to list all of the totally unnecessary public educational programs many of which simply employ consultants, and recent public-private partnerships which subsist on state government tax credits.

REACH and tax credits search results

What's Rendell really up to? We won't find out from Fox 'n Friends ...

Posted on Wed, Aug. 19, 2009

Pa. Senate rejects attempt to override budget veto

The Associated Press

HARRISBURG, Pa. - A Republican effort to override spending items vetoed by Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell has failed in the Pennsylvania state Senate.

Senators voted 30-19 to override the governor's vetoes of college tuition grants and services for the mentally ill and mentally retarded. That's three votes short of the two-thirds count necessary to override a gubernatorial veto. The votes were nearly along partisan lines, as just one Democrat crossed party lines to defy Rendell.

Rendell vetoed nearly $13 billion earlier this month as a tactic to force Republicans to agree to more money for the grants, public schools, preschool classes and more.

State government remains mired in a seven-week-old budget stalemate that is fraying Pennsylvania's social safety net.

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