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Afganistan Oil Pipeline Conspiracy Needs Obama Fact Check

Now that Barack Obama has mentioned support for dealing with Afganistan quickly, it's time to bring back the memory of the controversy surrounding an unfinished, but reportedly planned oil pipeline to be located in Afgahanistan.

Blogs and websites were running rampant with theories after September 11, 2001 concerning a desired route through the nation.

Senator Obama should devote fact-checking segments to determine the truth of allegations concerning U. S. policy there, and if proven untrue, establish that immediately or risk application of similar theories to his bid for the White House...

Net the Truth Online

Originally investigated for "This Is Not A Conspiracy Theory," the forerunner website to Net the Truth Online.

Pre-dates This is Not A Conspiracy Theory

Afghanistan conspiracy theorists
There’s much to question or criticize about the Bush adminstration’s war on terror as waged in Afghanistan, but you’re nuts if you think it’s about oil

Pipe Dreams: The origin of the "bombing Afghanistan for oil pipelines" theory (Lefties Proved Liars)
Slate ^ | December 6, 2001 | Seth Stevenson

Posted on Monday, December 10, 2001 12:04:18 PM by Timesink

America has wanted a new government in Afghanistan since at least 1998, three years before the attacks on 11 September 2001. The official report from a meeting of the U.S. Government's foreign policy committee on 12 February 1998, available on the U.S. Government website, confirms that the need for a West-friendly government was recognised long before the War on Terror that followed September 11th:

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