Thursday, November 01, 2007

Hillary Clinton: Her Slipperyness Part 3 $1K for truth

Hillary Clinton, otherwise becoming known as "Her Slipperyness" for her reversal on the issue of illegal immigration during the debate among candidates vying for the Democrat Party nomination for President.

9/11 Families is offering $1,000 to the person/s who can get Hillary Clinton to clarify her meaning regarding her statements on the issue of New York Governor Eliot Spitzer's action to give drivers' licenses to illegal aliens.

Fox 'n Friends discussed the development this morning.

Yep. Wonder whether this can be done by text messaging? Anybody know Her Slipperyness's private cell phone number?

Oh, the AFSCME, they should know. Isn't the support from that organization aggravating to the taxpayers across the nation? The Association of Federal, State, County, Municipal "Employees" - in other words, your local, state, and federal public servants - get together to not only endorse Hillary Clinton, but their representatives in the lobbying organization hand her a supportive gift.

A pair of boxing gloves.


Yep. The AFSCME doesn't really give a hoot whether or not Hillary Clinton is clear on the issues, all of the issues, and speaks in code words to garner the support of whoever thinks they heard what they want to hear, they still support her - because she is the most visible - so far - liberal candidate for the Democrat Party nomination for President.

We can only hope the 9/11 Families charge full speed ahead and make appearances on all of the major network outlets.

Do you think Chris Matthews will invite them on Hardball? He may, because he stated on his program y'day that he was going to keep on the issue of her "position" on giving drivers' licenses to illegal aliens. Maybe he got the "wake up" bug bite during the NBC debate.

Check out the transcripts when you can.

See our previous posts which contain links to some of those, including the transcript of the debate provided by MSNBC.

How about Lou Dobbs. I place a bet there. He'll have them on.

Bill O'Reilly. Hannity and Colmes.

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