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PA's state Rep. Bill DeWeese Open Records & Mandatory Fluoride Bill

Fluoride bill watch. Yep, we could have some fun with this... we'll see if we can get Pennsylvania state Rep. Bill DeWeese's attention away from his recent conversion to support some sort of open records legislation. (The state exempted themselves from open records decades ago, and DeWeese hadn't budged until the recent Primary election when he almost got kicked out.) (Maybe somebody slipped something in his bottled water that affected his tenacity.) (Wait, what kind of bottled water does he drink?)(When we discover, we'll tell...)...

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Hi folks,

The fluoride pushers don't let us rest for long.

If you read no further... read this:


House Majority Leader William DeWeese 717-783-3797

Tell him NOT to let a bill as controversial as House Bill 1649 move
forward without hearings -- balanced ones with experts from both
sides, and with representatives of the drinking water systems that
will be affected by the law.


We stopped the mandatory fluoridation bill last year, and we even had
the two state reps who were pushing the bill retire!

However, the PA Dental Association found some new champions and --
without warning -- we just learned that the bill (House Bill 1649)
got introduced on June 27th. Before we even knew it existed, it
passed the House Health and Human Services committee unanimously --
only two days after introduction, most likely with no hearings (just
like it did in late 2005).

Here's where you can find the info on the bill status:

The PA Dental Association is pushing to get it passed through the
House before the legislature takes their summer break soon (by July
6th?). We'll need to keep this legislation dead until the end of
2008... the PA Dental Association has a bigger head start this
session than they did last session.

Thankfully, we managed to do some great work last year -- with
enormous help from Lorna Rosenstein and Jeff Green, as well as
support from the Connetts and Bill Hirzy -- which all puts us in a
better position to get rolling with things this year.

We're going to organize around alternative legislation, using the of
the legislators we communicated with on this issue last
year. However, for now, we need to keep House Bill 1649 from moving
to the floor of the House in the next week.

The bill now sits in the Rules Commmittee, which is chaired by House
Majority Leader Rep. DeWeese -- the same person who would be in
charge of bringing the legislation to a vote on the House floor.

Mike Ewall, ActionPA

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2007 Pennsylvania Mandatory Fluoridation Bill Alert!
On June 29, 2007, Pennsylvania HB 1649 breezed through the PA House Health & Human Services Committee. Proponents are trying to get it passed before the House adjourns for the summer. It is now in the Rules Committee.

Action is needed to make sure this bill dies in committee! Call the Rules Committee Chairman, Rep. Bill DeWeese at 717-783-3797 and tell him you oppose the Fluoridation Act.

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Local Citizen's Statements Against Fluoridation
(Small sample of statements against fluoridation)

Dentist No Longer Supports Fluoridation

Dear Watchers:

Experts do not agree on the benefits or risks of fluoride. Many studies find fluoride reduces decay and many find fluoride increases decay. Some claim fluoride is safe, others claim fluoride is a poison. Confused?

As a dentist who promoted water fluoridation for 20 years, wrote many fluoride prescriptions and gave samples and fluoride treatments, I no longer support water fluoridation.

My nutrition education places fluoride as a drug, not a nutrient like vitamins. The absence of fluoride does not cause any disease. The FDA regulates systemic (swallowed) fluoride as a prescription drug (requiring a narcotics license) and topical fluoride with warnings such as, “do not swallow,” “if more than a pea size is swallowed, contact a poison control center.”

A “pea size” of toothpaste contains 0.5mg of fluoride ion, the same amount of fluoride found in two glasses of fluoridated water. If the FDA regulated water, the FDA would probably require a warning “do not swallow this water.”

We are already getting too much fluoride. Even without water fluoridation, too much fluoride is common, as seen in dental fluorosis the white or brown spots on teeth. Look in the mirror, you may have fluorosis. Where is the fluoride coming from and who pays for damaged teeth?

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