Monday, July 24, 2006

We'll see

Russ Diamond:

Re: Diamond Write-in Campaign
--- In, Jeni Ertmer wrote:>> Ok Russ - or "Monkey wrench" - it might be worth the try just tosee what> the heck WOULD happen, don't 'cha think?>> JeniOh, yeah, it'd be fun.

Here's another twist: Just called the local election folks and askedwhat is the maximum number of characters a voter can type with thewrite-in option on the ES&S systems they've just upgraded to. Off the top of their head answer: 25 (they'll be confirming for me inthe next day or so)How many characters on the current Indie ticket? Count 'em:Russ Diamond / Tom Lingenfelter

That's 26, without the spaces or slash.

Here's a bigger wrench: If you want to write in someone forPresident, you don't write their name - you must write the names of21 separate Presidential Electors to the electoral college.Now we're having fun!

Will check tomorrow with our election bureau to determine if both names have to appear together or can the write-in names appear separately?

Will check Electoral College...

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